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Is inspiration for women entrepreneurs closer to home than we think?


Picture: Baroness Mone (© The Business Magazine)

Last Thursday we attended the Women in Business Awards 2016, hosted by The Business Magazine. The awards are designed to ‘celebrate, encourage and inspire’ business women in the south of England, so it was fitting that Baroness (Michelle) Mone was guest speaker on the night. As someone who has worked her way up through challenging circumstances to break into the business and political establishment, Baroness Mone is as good an example as any for women with aspirations, entrepreneurial or otherwise.

Women succeeding in business is a topic of interest to Vana so a recent opinion piece, challenging a perceived lack of role models for female entrepreneurs, understandably caught our attention. It posed interesting questions about the definition and accessibility of a role model, even at a time when women occupy prominent positions in business and politics. Most interestingly, it pointed to research finding that women actually find the most inspiration within their family – namely, their fathers.

You can read the article from HR Magazine in full here.

Last Thursday’s awards showed that there’s no shortage of inspiring examples to women who want to succeed in business. They range from the high profile (Baroness Mone) to others who are doing amazing things away from the media/public spotlight. We certainly left feeling energised and look forward to another opportunity to get inspired later this Autumn, with Vana sponsoring the HR Impact category at the Personnel Today Awards in November.


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