How we do it

How we do it

We are the competitive advantage: searching, consulting and assessing every client and candidate individually.

Big marketing budgets, a reliance on graduate training programmes and management heavy offices across the globe are not our style.

Vana has a loyal network, long standing clients, excellent referrals and a reputation for providing you with the most bespoke, relevant, tailor-made talent.

There is no broadstroke analysis of the market. We use targeted searches, have an in-depth understanding of specialist and generalists, and access to a diverse network of personal contacts developed over 20 years of hands-on experience.

We don’t depend on third party feedback. Our approach delves deep into the technical competency and biographical detail of each individual. Introductions are made on insights gathered by understanding how our candidates fit your culture, ethos, vision and development strategies. Understanding their personal style is as important as the statistics on a CV.

Our method is the belt and braces. A face to face interview. Executive assessments conducted by a trusted cohort of chartered occupational psychologists, and an in-depth profile report. They all highlight the development areas, potential derailers and business opportunities that play a huge role in the commercial success and cultural fit of the client and candidate. It is the catalyst that turns individual talent into company advantage.

Finally, we are not afraid of being too niche. We have cultivated, connected and delivered high level HR positions within SME and FTSE companies for the last 20 years. We identify talent that leverages businesses to IPO or FTSE, determine corporate strategy and provide long-term support and advice when acquiring, managing, rewarding or retaining the best talent.

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Vana came to us via a recommendation from another organisation out of our sector. We found that Jo did significant research on our sector and our organisation before we met or entered into any formal agreement. This meant the candidate field they brought us were all of the highest quality, had relevant experience, and were at the right point in their careers to have a big impact with us. Jo placed successfully first time and have maintained a supportive relationship with us over many months. We are delighted that we followed up on the recommendation we received, and in turn we whole heartedly recommend Vana and Jo to any other organisation.

Dan Hayes, CEO, OSJCT
Who we work with

Who we work with

We work with FTSE 100 organisations, private equity-backed enterprises and new challenger brand businesses across the commercial sector.

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